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Jharkhand CAMPA was notified in Oct, 2009 in pursuance of Honorable Supreme court order dt. 10th July, 2009 in WP(C) No. 202/1995 & in pursuance to Ministry of Environment & Forest directive vide its D.O. No. 5-1/2009-FC dt. 21 july, 2009 with the following aims & objectives.

  • Conservation, protection, regeneration and management of existing natural forests;
  • Conservation, protection and management of wildlife and its habitat within and outside protected areas including the consolidation of the protected areas;
  • Compensatory afforestation;
  • Environmental services, which include:-
    • Provision of goods such as wood, non-timber forest products, fuel, fodder and water, and provision of services such as grazing, tourism, wildlife protection and life support;
    • Regulating services such as climate regulation, disease control, flood moderation, detoxification, carbon sequestration and health of soils, air and water regimes;
    • Non-material benefits obtained from ecosystems, spiritual, recreational, aesthetic, inspirational, educational and symbolic; and
    • Supporting such other services necessary for the production of ecosystem services, biodiversity, nutrient cycling and primary production.
  • Science, Research, Training and Capacity Building.
  • Environment Protection and Sustainable Forest Management.

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